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Regenerative Techniques

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Solutions and services

Continuous improvement protocol based on data collection and guidance for more sustainable practices.

Follow-up and technical support to its producers throughout the process.

We have a portfolio of more than 60 producers and more than 10 different crops.

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Our values

Since 2009 we are specialists in providing differentiation to agri-food companies through the ZERYA® brand and a benchmark for brands in Europe. Our brand is the result of years of research aimed at defining food production systems that guarantee a final product free of pesticide residues.



Committed producers

“Achieving a balance in the ecosystem in order to obtain a reduction in production costs in the long term.”

Marta Soveral, Agronomic Engineer,

¿What does ZERYARegenerativabring you?

  • Differentiation of agricultural products with positive impact

  • Conversion to regenerative agricultural land
  • Diversification of agronomic practices
  • Personalized follow-up programs with various points of voluntary compliance for a better adaptation to the production system of each company.
  • New channels and marketing proposals with responsible retailers

Responsible Retailers and Central Offices

“ZERYA certification is very important because it provides us with an independent analysis, offering transparency, credibility, guarantee… in the whole supply chain”.

Rui Matias, SONAE – MC

¿What does ZERYARegenerativabring you?

  • Differentiation of agricultural products with positive impact

  • Demonstrating commitment to the environment and rural areas
  • Availability of a measurable evidence-based communication code
  • Increased perception of environmental added value
  • Governance of collaboration and investment between producers and retailers
  • Transparency tool between retailer – producers – consumers


Compliance deadlines

Progress to 3 years

Performance audits

Third party audit


Efficient and sustainable production

Integrated process

4 strategic and complementary objectives.

SDGs – Aligning positive impacts

For us, regeneration means much more than improving crops, we believe that we must safeguard the future for the next generations:

  • Our goals are aligned with the UN SDGs and the European Agenda 2030.
  • We measure the positive impact of the implementation of our programme.
  • We privilege the long-term vision and its effects on the ecosystem.
  • We provide producers with tools for continuous improvement.

You can consult our ZERYA Manifesto for Regenerative Agriculture.







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Advantages of Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture with ZERYA

  • Personalised accompaniment

  • Achievable environmental milestones

  • Ecosystem integration

  • Soil regeneration

  • Regulation on agricultural uses

  • Practical recommendations

  • Historical analysis

Conventional agriculture

  • Lack of environmental advice
  • Ecosystem disruption
  • Intensive land use
  • Uses without inaccurate justifications
  • Risk of inappropriate crop rotation
  • Lack of historical data analysis

What crops are the most recommended?2023-10-06T01:46:51+02:00

Regenerative agriculture focuses on soil health and biodiversity. Some of the crops recommended for regenerative agriculture are fruit and citrus trees. Additionally, crop rotation is a common practice in regenerative agriculture and can help improve soil health.

What is the difference between Regenerative and Organic Agriculture?2023-07-07T09:57:16+02:00

Organic farming and regenerative farming share some principles and practices, but regenerative farming focuses on creating sustainable and regenerative agricultural systems that promote biodiversity and restoring healthy ecosystems, while organic farming focuses on the production of foods without the use of synthetic chemicals. Although organic farming refers to a broader term, which includes different types of agriculture that, such as regenerative agriculture, minimize the impact of agricultural activity on the land.

How does Europe’s 2030 Agenda work?2023-07-10T12:54:51+02:00

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a roadmap towards a new development paradigm in which people, the planet, prosperity, peace and alliances take a central role.